Projections to People

The teams main goal is to share useful and relevant information, tools, and products with partners and user groups.

2022–2023 Proposed Activities

  • Conduct a literature review to help assess gaps and outreach opportunities.
  • Create and manage a SW DLN presence via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to help share relevant information, tools, and events.
  • Continue bi-weekly Drought Discussion Podcasts.
  • Conduct webinars related to why it’s difficult to forecast, La Nina outlooks, and other relevant topics in the region.
  • Assist other SW DLN teams in disseminating product, tool, and event information via webinars, social media, and trough the Drought Discussion Podcast.

Leadership Team

Tonya Bernadt (National Drought Mitigation Center)
Abby Frazier (Clark University)
Ryan Longman (East-West Center)
Caiti Steele (USDA Southwest Climate Hub)