• Inclusive: All the DLN initiatives/actions will be inclusive, diverse and equitable. The DLN strives to work with underserved communities and groups.
  • Culturally Aware: The DLN supports cultural awareness and cultural safety: recognizing that Indigenous as well as other cultural groups, have unique needs with respect to their history, culture and traditions.
  • Collaborative: The DLN applies Trust, Respect, Willingness, Empowerment, and Effective Communication to build relationships and maintain them.
  • Evidence Informed: The DLN strives for evidence informed action. All initiatives/actions and decisions promoted by the DLN are based on current research, local data and expertise.
  • Consensus Based: The DLN decisions are made through consensus rather than majority rule.
  • Transparent: The DLN aims to be open and transparent with all its initiatives and actions. Decisions take place in the public eye.
  • Flexible: Members of the DLN are empowered to have a voice in the DLN and realize that the network is open to altering ideas and inputs to best benefit the outcomes.
  • Project focused: Teams focus on needed projects and accomplish more through collaboration.
  • Impact based: The DLN strives to build drought resilience through impactful collaboration.



This two-page summary document explains what the DLN is, what it aims to do, and gives an overview of the current teams that have evolved from the DLN effort.

A thumbnail image of the first page of a Southwest Drought Learning Network infographic