Grass-Cast Grassland Productivity Summer Forecasts

July 2023

Visit the Southwest Climate Hubs Youtube channel to learn about and view recent Grass-Cast forecasts. These videos are produced by the USDA Southwest Climate Hub, National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska -Lincoln, the Drought Learning Network, and the USDA-NIFA funded project "Participatory approaches to Agroecosystem Resilience In times of Drought (ARID)" grant number 2018-68002-28109.

NRCS's 9 Steps of Conservation Planning

December 2022

USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the premier organization when it comes to conservation planning. Conservation planning is the process of inventorying a piece of land, determining what its strengths and challenges are, and coming up with possible remedies to those challenges.

In this webinar, Kenneth Alcon of NRCS-New Mexico describes his agency's 9-step conservation planning process. KC Schooley, who manages farmland with her family in eastern New Mexico, describes what it's like to be an NRCS customer seeking the agency's free conservation-planning service.


Building a network for drought monitoring in Arizona

December 2021

The Arizona Drought Monitoring Technical Committee seeks to engage community members, researchers, natural resource professionals, metals and mining professionals, and agriculture professionals to build a network of stakeholders that will share information about drought impacts in Arizona and tribal communities.


Arizona Drought with State Climatologist Erinanne Saffell


Drought Monitoring Technical Committee


Tracking Drought Impacts


Current Conditions and Outlook and the USDM Process


Water is Life


Website Tour of Drought.gov


Condition Monitoring Observer reports (CMOR) help us "See More" drought

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