Drought in Agriculture

The team works to support drought adaptation and resilience among agricultural producers.

2022–2023 Proposed Activities

  • Continue work on existing projects/activities: Drought & forage outlook podcast collaboration with the P2P team. Possibly branch out and do radio spots. 
  • Team meetings will be a mixture of outreach planning and information-sharing within the group.
    • Collaboratively contributing to resource lists.
    • Possibly hearing from other groups who have undertaken successful projects to support agricultural drought resilience/adaptation measures.
    • Swapping notes & providing feedback to each other, as needed.
  • Aim to bring more people in ag service provider positions into the group – specifically Extension, FPAC agencies.
  • Leverage collaborations with other DLN teams where opportunities arise.

Leadership Team

Skye Aney (USDA Southwest Climate Hub)
Tonya Haigh (National Drought Mitigation Center)