Drought Impact Reporting & Response

One of the team's goals is to work with and educate stakeholders on the importance of drought impact reporting. This is done through webinars and other outreach activities that will increase stakeholders' knowledge about drought impacts and give them the pathways to report conditions and impacts that are occurring on the ground. Another important task of this team is to share drought information during extreme (D3) and exceptional (D4) drought. Monthly drought briefings have been held in the southwestern region to continually update partners and stakeholders on current conditions. 


  • Hold monthly drought briefings as D3 and D4 level drought persists in the region
  • Hold drought tools training for water providers and managers
  • Hold drought impact reporting workshops in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah


  • Emile Elias (USDA Southwest Climate Hub)
  • Kerri Jean Ormerod (Assistant Professor at University of Nevada, Reno)
  • Nemesis Ortiz-Declet (Arizona Department of Water Resources)
  • Elizabeth Weight and Joel Lisonbee (National Integrated Drought Information System)