Indigenous Collaboration

This team works with Tribal communities to establish trust and facilitate knowledge sharing. They will provide information on current drought conditions, outlooks, and resources for community adaptation. 

2022–2023 Proposed Activities

  • Host climate/weather 101 webinars at tribal colleges
  • Update IC page on DLN website and expand on DLN guidelines to include “rules” of tribal engagement
  • Identify collaborative inter-tribal organizations to facilitate efficient information sharing
  • Tribal needs assessment to identify pathways for expanding impact and fill in gaps w/ our expertise
  • Reach out to Nikki Cooley with ITEP to update her on DLN goals and activities

Leadership Team

Helena Deswood (Southwest Climate Hub)
Dave DuBois (New Mexico State Climatologist)
Maddie Goebel (National Drought Mitigation Center)
Andrew Sweetman (Pueblo of Santa Ana)